Switzerland-Israel Call 2022

Innovation Closed Call 29 Jun 2022 Israel Innosuisse
Photo credits: Taylor Brandon, Unsplash
Closed Call
29 Jun 2022

The Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) cooperate bilaterally on all innovation topics. With this call, they invite consortia to submit cooperation projects covering areas of mutual interest and strong market potential in Israel and Switzerland. The 2022 call especially focuses on the topic of U-space applications, in which both countries invest, excel and demonstrate various activities. 

This bilateral call is open for all disciplines; however, project applications targeting one or more of these three focus areas are appreciated:

  1. Technical:
    • Develop technical solutions in the context of U-space implementation
    • Certification of related R&D (U-space services, Hardware)
    • Technical solutions in the areas of robotics and airspace automation
  2. Operational:
    • Proof of concept of the operational interface between the airspace traffic management (ATM) and unmanned traffic management (UTM)
    • Proof of concept and demonstration of flights beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS)
    • Business management innovation in U-space application areas such as last-mile delivery, long-range capabilities, etc.
  3. Public Acceptance
    • Develop expertise in terms of noise mitigation, privacy protection, environmental protection, security, etc.

The aim is to benefit from the innovation and expertise in ATM service provision, business and R&D of both countries, as well as provide a platform to stakeholders for testing their products in international space in the framework of INDI and SUSI. The involvement of partners participating in the corresponding demos in project consortia or the testing of specific project settings in future demos is highly recommended.


In order to apply for this call, applications must meet the following EUREKA and national eligibility criteria (among others):

– The project must fit the scope of the call.
– The consortium includes at least two independent partners from Switzerland and two independent partners from Israel;
– The consortium includes at least one (for profit) company and one research institute from Israel and Switzerland;

For more details on eligibility criteria, click here.


Each partner of an approved full project will receive funding support by its own national funding organization in accordance with the national laws, rules, regulations and procedures in effect.

Application process:

For guidelines and detailed information on the call, please click here.

Together with your Israeli partners, submit a Simple Eureka application in English, followed by a Swiss national full application using the Innosuisse online tool.