New bilateral call with Vietnam

Research Closed Call 11 Apr 2024 Vietnam SNSF
Photo Credits: Ammie Ngo
Closed Call
11 Apr 2024

The SNSF is supporting joint projects by Swiss and Vietnamese researchers. 4 million francs are available for this call for projects on the Swiss side.

The Swiss government’s bilateral programmes enhance cooperation with non-European countries that have strong research potential. Since 2020, the SNSF has been working in partnership with the National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) in Vietnam to fund joint projects between the Swiss and Vietnamese scientific communities.


Each proposal for a JRP must have at least one main applicant based in Switzerland and one main applicant based in Vietnam; they are the lead scientists on the Swiss and the Vietnamese side, respectively. They bear the main responsibility for the project, including its technical and administrative coordination, as well as the timely delivery of scientific and financial reports. Further applicants based in Switzerland and/or Vietnam can also participate in a JRP.

Read more here.


JRP proposals include two separate budgets: one budget in CHF for the Swiss applicant or applicants (paid by the SNSF according to the SNSF’s rules) and one budget in VND for the Vietnamese applicant or applicants (paid by NAFOSTED according to the NAFOSTED’s rules). The two countries have agreed to fund up to 10 projects if a sufficient number of proposals of high quality are submitted.

  • The total budget available in Switzerland is CHF 4,000,000. The maximum budget available for the Swiss side of a project is CHF 300,000 for a 3-year project and CHF 400’000 for a 4-year project.
  • The total budget available in Vietnam is VND 25 billion. The maximum budget available for the Vietnamese side of a project is VND 2.5 billion for a 3-year project and VND 3.5 billion for a 4-year project.

Read more about the application procedure and funding details here.