Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme

Research Open Call 15 Feb 2023 Multiple Countries SNSF
Photo Credits: Bundo Kim; Unsplash
Open Call
15 Feb 2023
South Korea, Switzerland

The Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme was initiated by the Korean and Swiss governments in 2008 in order to further step up the bilateral cooperation in scientific and technological

areas of relevance to both countries. The cooperation is based on the principles of reciprocity, parity and activity-matching funding.

In the context of the Korean-Swiss Science and Technology Programme, the SNSF and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Korea launch another call for Joint Research Projects (JRPs).

Joint Research Projects (JRPs) enable researchers in Switzerland to conduct a joint project together with a Korean partner.

The call is open to the following topics:

  • Climate change (interdisciplinary topic, SSH parts are possible)
  • Digital health (interdisciplinary topic, SSH parts are possible)
  • Systems biology

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Read more about the eligibility criteria here.


The projects will have a duration of three years, with funding on the Swiss side amounting to a maximum of CHF 250,000 per project. The costs covered by the grants are comparable to those covered in national SNSF projects (equipment, research funds, salaries).