JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024

Research Closed Call 29 Feb 2024 Japan SNSF
Photo Credits: Manuel Cosentino
Closed Call
29 Feb 2024

The programme “JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships” enables researchers in Switzerland to stay in Japan for 12 to 24 months.

The purpose of the fellowship is to provide opportunities for excellent postdoctoral researchers from other countries to conduct cooperative research under the guidance of their hosts with leading research groups in universities and other Japanese institutions. This program is intended to help advance overseas researchers’ research activities while advancing science and promoting internationalisation in Japan.


Persons are eligible to apply who satisfy the following two conditions as of April 2024 and during the fellowship period.

  1. Be a citizen of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. (JSPS treats Taiwanese and Palestinian researchers in this manner.)
  2. Have obtained their doctoral degree within six years of the date the fellowship goes into effect (on or after 2 April 2018). Whether or not the candidate is employed in a full-time position is not considered.

Read more here.


Fellows must start their fellowship in Japan from 1 April 2024 – 30 November 2024.

The amounts of financial support are as follows. They are subject to change for budgetary reasons.

  1. Airfare: A round-trip air ticket (based on JSPS’s regulations)
  2. Maintenance Allowance: ¥362,000 per month
  3. Miscellaneous: A settling-in allowance of ¥200,000, overseas travel insurance

Read more about the application procedure here.