Federal guarantees for tenants of Switzerland Innovation

Research, Innovation Open Call 1 Jan 2024 Variable Countries Switzerland Innovation
Switzerland Innovation
Open Call
1 Jan 2024
Research, Innovation
Open to call countries; The company applying for a guarantee is located in one of Switzerland Innovation's innovation parks in Switzerland
Switzerland Innovation

The federal government facilitates R&D projects of tenant companies in the innovation parks of “Switzerland Innovation” by enabling eligible applicants to obtain favorable conditions for earmarked loans.

The framework credit of CHF 350 million is dedicated to the realisation of research infrastructures, technological platforms or technical facilities in the innovation parks of “Switzerland Innovation”. This guarantee allows the innovation parks to obtain capital funding on preferential terms, i.e. by obtaining loans at lower interest rates to finance research infrastructure (e.g. equipment, laboratories, facilities, etc.) dedicated to innovation projects of companies settled in Switzerland in one of the parks of “Switzerland Innovation”.