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Research, Innovation
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Space activities occupy an important place in our society. Beyond their scientific contribution to exploring the Earth and the universe, they also contribute to satellite-based global telecommunication services, road, maritime and air navigation systems, and Earth observation for more reliable weather forecasts and a better understanding of climate change.

Switzerland has been actively involved in space research since the early days. It is a competitive and reliable partner in the space sector, both within Europe and across the globe. Thanks to its innovative strength and precision technology, Switzerland has gained a solid and acknowledged position in strategically significant fields

Space contributes to a flourishing economy and a prosperous society. It is also crucial to Switzerland’s position as a centre of research and to its security. Moreover, it generates value-added activities for the benefit of current and future generations. For a highly developed country such as Switzerland, a strong commitment to space activities is vital.

Switzerland does not have its own national space agency. It does most of its research and development within the framework of the European Space Agency’s activities and programmes.

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