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The Euratom Research and Training Programme complements the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation in the nuclear field. It covers both energetic and non-energetic applications of nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, including safety, waste management and radiation protection.

Fission-related activities focus mainly on the areas of safety of present and future nuclear systems, safe operation and decommissioning of power plants, management of radioactive waste and remediation of environmental damage caused by nuclear facilities. Applications of nuclear technologies and ionising radiation for medical, industrial and research purposes are included. Fusion research is carried out under a Joint European Programme, co-funded by the EU and participants from EU Member States and Associated Countries. These activities supports the realization and future operation of ITER as well as the design future electric fusion power plants. The overall goal is to develop the knowledge, technology and expertise necessary to use nuclear fusion for the production of sustainable, clean and CO2-neutral energy on an industrial scale. The program promotes the development of nuclear research expertise and skills by supporting education, training and mobility, and by promoting technology transfer from research to industry.

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