Belmont Forum: Call for Proposals Climate & Cultural Heritage

Research Closed Call 8 Sep 2023 Multiple Countries SNSF
Photo Credits: SNSF
Closed Call
8 Sep 2023
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America

The SNSF will be taking part in the Belmont Forum’s call for proposals relating to Climate and Cultural Heritage

The SNSF takes part in the second call for proposals, also known as a Collaborative Research Action (CRA), announced by the Belmont Forum for 2023: Climate and Cultural Heritage.

Climate change has a growing and lasting impact on our society and environment. Our cultural heritage, both material and immaterial, is threatened by ever more frequent and extreme hazards and is becoming increasingly vulnerable. Much remains to be done to complete the results achieved to date, to involve society in discussion, and to enhance resilience. This must also involve the development of prevention policies and strategies and the adaptation to change.

The objectives of the Belmont Forum and of this call are to support transdisciplinary research relating to cultural heritage and climate change, to encourage cooperation between researchers from different parts of the world, and to help advance global knowledge and policy.

The call for projects is focused on three main topics:

  • The impact of climate change on cultural heritage
  • Cultural heritage as a resource for climate mitigation and adaptation
  • Sustainable solutions for cultural heritage


Each project must include at least three eligible scientists from three funding organisations from at least three different countries taking part in the programme. You will find a list of the participating countries on the Belmont Forum’s official website. The consortium must be transdisciplinary and must include researchers from at least two of the following fields: social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, life sciences, and technology. At least one non-academic partner (e.g. a civil-society- or industrial organisation) must be included in the consortium. All the information you need can be found on the Belmont Forum website and in the call document.


Find details regarding funding specific to your country here.