2021 STI Joint Call for Proposals: Sustainable Food Production and Climate Change: Resilience & Adaptation

Research Closed Call 15 Oct 2021 Multiple Countries SNSF & others
Claudia Fernandez Ortiz @ Unsplash
Closed Call
15 Oct 2021
, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Turkey
SNSF & others

The SNSF is participating in a further multilateral call for proposals within the scope of the Southeast Asia – Europe Joint Funding Scheme.

The Joint Funding Scheme (JFS) brings together Southeast Asian and European researchers to collaborate on topics of interest for both sides. The JFS is a scheme for the multilateral pooling of resources to support collaborative projects.

The call is open to the following thematic areas:​

  • Sustainable food production (including nanotechnologies in sustainable food production)
  • Climate change: resilience and adaptation (including social sciences-related and health-related climate change aspects)

Researchers in all disciplines are invited to submit project proposals that fit the thematic scope of the call.

Eligibility: At least 3 partners from 3 different countries fulfilling the 2+1 rule: Either 2 partners from 2 different Southeast Asian countries and 1 European partner or 2 partners from 2 different European countries and 1 Southeast Asian partner. At least 1 partner from each region must be eligible for JFS funding. Please refer to Call details, for the list of partner countries & guidelines from the national funding agency on eligibility. Please note that some funding agencies may only participate in one of the thematic areas.

Funding: Funding will typically be provided for the duration of a maximum of three years (36 months). The eligibility of cost items and their calculation is according to the respective National Funding Regulations from the participating organizations.

Application process
Please refer to the Call Document and Guidelines for Applicants.